Masters in International Business


Masters in International Business

International Business examines the relationship between different countries and nationalities in a business context. So if you can imagine yourself in negotiating, strategizing or leading for a major company, then you should use the Bachelor’s degree you have in Business, International Relations or a similar degree and continue your education by taking a Master in International Business.

In the Master in International Business program you will develop managerial skills, have the confidence and professional background to lead corporal initiatives and hone the necessary skill of working in teams with people from all over the world. Through this degree you will get to apply the knowledge and theory you have learned frequently and to deal with real-world situations from business scenarios, all within an international context. Graduates holding a Master in International Business have excellent career opportunities in multinational corporations and businesses.

Career opportunities

In recent years, graduates have entered careers in the civil service, foreign affairs or political and parliamentary research. The programmes will also equip you with some of the transferable skills required for employment in finance and consultancy, the voluntary sector, journalism or teaching. Some graduates choose to go on to further training in accountancy or law or take postgraduate programmes with a view to pursuing an academic career.


  1. 5 O level credits including English and Mathematics with 3 other relevant subject
  2. A degree certificate from a recognized University or equivalent professional qualification