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Our Approved Faculties

Escae Benin University is home to more than 15000 students and 5000 alumni with a wide variety of interests, ages, and backgrounds, the University reflects the Country’s dynamic mix of populations. Escae Benin offers the kind of education needed for leadership in a rapidly changing world. With an enduring dedication to the pursuit of excellence, Escae University offers unparalleled student experiences across a broad spectrum of academic environments.

We’re known for doing degrees a little differently. Our unique curriculum supports you to explore your passions and develop new skills, giving you a toolkit for success. We want you to leave with a degree as an individual like you. How else are you going to make your mark on the world?

Faculty of Pure & Applied Science

With 12 years of experience in education, our academic staff, research facilities, international profile, and life-long development philosophy, our faculty endeavors to take its well-deserved place amongst the best faculties in Escae Benin University as well as becoming the best in the Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences within the region. The fundamental mission of the Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences is to offer high-quality education to students receiving education either within the same faculty or in other faculties, become a respected and competitive faculty in all the core disciplines of the arts and sciences, contribute to the ongoing developments in all related disciplines and reflect these changes in the curricula in order to graduate first-rate students in the international arena. Escae Benin University’s “Virtue, Knowledge, Advancement” philosophy, the faculty aims to increase both the international student population in undergraduate and postgraduate programs and collaborations between the faculty and other international universities, institutes, and research centers. Our graduates successfully pursue academic studies and employment opportunities in the USA, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Pure and Applied Sciences Faculty is one of the three faculties formed in 2008 when Escae Benin University was established. While the faculty offered education only in Computer Science, and Information Communication Technology. The faculty has produced more than 150 graduates since its formation.


Program Degree Years Department
Computer Science Bachelor / B.Sc. 3 Computer Science
Information Communication Technology Bachelor / B.Sc. 3 Information Communication Technology
Environmental Science Bachelor / B.Sc. 3 Environmental Science
Computer Science Masters / M.Sc. 1-1.5 Computer Science
Information Communication Technology Masters / M.Sc. 1-1.5 Information Communication Technology
Environmental Science Masters/ M.Sc. 1-1.5 Environmental Science

Faculty of Administration & Management Sciences

At the FAMS we acknowledge the centrality of our teaching mission and strive for excellence and innovation in all our programs. We place great emphasis on teaching effectiveness, encouraging the use of interactive teaching methods such as projects, case studies, exercises, group work, and class discussions. We promote the philosophy that students must become active learners; participating in interactive methods rather than just passively listening to lectures. We, therefore, avoid the use of large lecture halls and place students in classes that typically have an enrollment of less than 40. Students are encouraged to visit their instructors or assistants if they have any issues requiring further clarification. In addition to program-specific learning outcomes, we expect that upon graduation all our students will have gained the ability to demonstrate communication skills, possess analytical and problem-solving skills, be aware of ethical issues, be knowledgeable about information technology applications, and have an understanding of global issues.

Faculty of Administration & Management Sciences is the leading academic center. We take pride in the high academic standards we uphold while sustaining a student-friendly environment. Faculty members are well qualified with doctoral degrees from leading universities. They remain current in their teaching fields through research and publications in top scholarly journals and are regularly consulted in the media and by public and private organizations as authorities in their fields. We also run several collaborative projects with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and other stakeholders.


Program Degree Years Department
Accounting Bachelor / B.Sc. 3 Accounting
Transport & Logistics Management Bachelor / B.Sc. 3 Transport & Logistics Management
Economics Bachelor / B.Sc. 3 Economics
Banking & Finance Bachelor / B.Sc. 3 Banking & Finance
Marketing & International Commerce Bachelor / B.Sc. 3 Marketing & International Commerce
Public Administration Bachelor / B.Sc. 3 Public Administration
Business Administration Bachelor / B.Sc. 3 Business Administration
Estate Management Bachelor / B.Sc. 3 Estate Management
Human Resource Management Bachelor / B.Sc. 3 Human Resource Management
Project Management Bachelor / B.Sc. 3 Project Management
Accounting Masters / M.Sc. 1-1.5 Accounting
Transport & Logistics Management Masters/ M.Sc. 1-1.5 Transport & Logistics Management
Banking & Finance Masters / M.Sc. 1-1.5 Banking & Finance
Marketing & International Commerce Masters/ M.Sc. 1-1.5 Marketing & International Commerce
Public Administration Masters/ M.Sc. 1-1.5 Public Administration
Business Administration Masters/ M.Sc. 1-1.5 Business Administration
Human Resource Management Masters / M.Sc. 1-1.5 Human Resource Management
Project Management Masters / M.Sc. 1-1.5 Project Management
Economics Masters / M.Sc. 1-1.5 Economics
 Estate Management Masters / M.Sc. 1-1.5  Estate Management

Faculty of Social Sciences

The philosophy of the Faculty is to provide an education that will enable its students to graduate with the ability to think, to express themselves with grace and clarity in writing and speech, to maintain values in relation to their chosen profession, and to demonstrate confidence in themselves. The Faculty of Social Science aims to be the leading educational institution in the African region in preparing managerial candidates that will generate knowledge, and have the ability and skills to develop and practice this knowledge accordingly.

With its fundamental mission of bringing up a qualified, modern, innovative, creative, and productive workforce educated in a student-centered and competitive environment, an elite group of prominent and experienced academics who have major publications in international journals or who have given many years to sector offers a quality education at our Faculty.

With the advantages provided by the educational program supported by relevant practice opportunities, our students pursue a wide spectrum of job opportunities upon their graduation.


Program Degree Years Department
Political Science Bachelor / B.Sc. 3 Political Science
Sociology Bachelor / B.Sc. 3 Sociology
Psychology Bachelor / B.Sc. 3 Psychology
International Relations And Diplomacy Bachelor / B.Sc. 3 International Relations And Diplomacy
Political Science Masters / M.Sc. 1-1.5 Political Science
Sociology Masters/ M.Sc. 1-1.5 Sociology
Psychology Masters / M.Sc. 1-1.5 Psychology
International Relations And Diplomacy Masters/ M.Sc. 1-1.5 International Relations And Diplomacy


Faculty of Art and Humanities

Our aim is to develop and successfully graduate students, who have the required qualities for a global and national communication environment; students who can comfortably use the new technologies available individually or cooperatively in a creative manner; students who execute their industrial knowledge as critical thinkers with ethical and social responsibility. By doing so, our students will be well prepared for professional life, be able to adapt to industry requirements of technological advancement as well as be creative and critical thinkers operating ethically as defenders of freedom of speech.

The Faculty is comprised of a multinational mix of academics and students, providing the students with a unique environment of multiculturalism and multilingualism. In addition to the respective department course requirements, students can take elective and common courses to realize a multidimensional approach to Communication studies. careers.


Program Degree Years Department
Law Bachelor / B.A. 4 Law
Mass Communications Bachelor / B.A. 3 Mass Communications
French Language Communication Bachelor / B.A. 3 French Language Communication
Linguistics Bachelor / B.A. 3 Linguistics
Linguistics Masters / M.A. 1-1.5 Linguistics
French Language Communication Masters/ M.A. 1-1.5 French Language Communication

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