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How to Apply

No matter the path you've taken to get to this point, applying to get into ESCAE BENIN is simple.

Apply for Admission

Come to ESCAE University to learn, create and innovate with the very best. Leave with the passion, connections, credentials, and lifelong friends who will help you change the world.

Be in the company of world-renowned computer scientists, artists and authors, business leaders, inventors, and groundbreaking researchers.

You may have a future here, too.


Apply Online or On-Campus

Complete the application form online with all the required information correctly, or On-Campus; pick and complete the application form from the admission office.



Make payment via the university’s online payment portal or you can request the school account details to make payments directly in order to validate your application.


Acceptance and Registration

If provisional admission is offered you will are required to accept your admission within the stipulated period of time and proceed with the registration, if this step is failed, admission would be rendered void.

Why Apply to Escae Benin?

Our campus is beautiful. Whether you are a prospective student or already taking classes, feel free to explore and see what makes “our campus ” so special.

Escae Benin University is an award-winning research institution, with multiple recognitions and research partners across Africa and beyond,  at Escae Benin you will have a vast learning experience with hands-on research and learning environment.

Escae Benin University is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Scientific Research Republic of Benin, all programs run by us are recognized and approved by the ministry, Escae Benin University is recognized by international bodies i.e UNESCO, CAMES, and more, furthermore, Escae Benin is also recognized by ministries by the ministries of neighboring countries, such as Ministry of Education Nigeria, National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Nigeria, Ministry of Higher Education Togo and Ghana.

Escae Benin runs three years of an uninterrupted undergraduate program, facilitated by dedicated faculty and a vast array of resources to fetch from, these and more, Escae Benin stands tall education.